All you need to know about Outstanding Finance Check


What is Outstanding Finance? This means that the previous owner has paid off the total amount owed on the car, and there is no money outstanding. An outstanding finance check can be easily carried out online or at a car dealership. How to check if a car has Outstanding Finance? There are a few ways … Read more

Four Crucial Insurance Write off Categories you should know.

insurance-write -off

The insurance write-off check is crucial when buying a used car. It tells whether a vehicle is safe to drive. In the UK, a car gets a certain write-off category when severely damaged. Sometimes, the damage exceeds the car’s current market value and gets scrapped. However, sometimes it gets a repairable minor issue. A car … Read more

Looking For a Cheap Alternative to Hpi Check in the UK?

What is an HPI Check? An HPI check searches for the vehicle you are buying using the registration number. It will then display background checks to you, and these may flag up issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. For example, stolen vehicle checks, outstanding finance, MOT history, and much more, but to gain … Read more

Why do UK people prefer Japanese used cars?

japanese car

Japanese used cars in the UK are more admired by the people living there than European manufactured vehicles. There can be numerous reasons behind it. But indeed, European cars are some of the safest vehicles on the road. It was said by consumers to report that European cars have the best handling. Still, the UK … Read more

Free Car Specification Check by Registration Number

free car specification

Do you know you might get a fine for driving a high CO2 emission vehicle? Yes, you heard it right! After the UK government introduces the ULEZ (Ultra-low emission zone), you will get a fine for driving a high-emission vehicle. Therefore, running a car spec check before buying a vehicle has become vital. It reveals … Read more

UK Vehicle Registration Plates Explained


Vehicle registration number – It comprises three parts, and all of them have a specific meaning. Ever since the vehicles were used across the country, the individual number plates containing a series of particular characters were designed to help the authorities identify the vehicle in the case of any event of accidents or criminal activity.

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