Free Car Specification Check by Registration Number

free car specification

Do you know you might get a fine for driving a high CO2 emission vehicle? Yes, you heard it right! After the UK government introduces the ULEZ (Ultra-low emission zone), you will get a fine for driving a high-emission vehicle. Therefore, running a car spec check before buying a vehicle has become vital. It reveals …

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A Complete Guide to Insurance Write-Off Categories

insurance write off

What is an insurance write-off mean? What does the term write-off mean, and what are different write-off categories? It is a commonly used jargon among car insurance companies to decide if the insured vehicle is a total loss. The term write-off may sound an alarm for many, but on the one hand, many cars are …

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UK Vehicle Registration Plates Explained


Vehicle registration number – It comprises three parts, and all of them have a specific meaning. Ever since the vehicles were used across the country, the individual number plates containing a series of particular characters were designed to help the authorities identify the vehicle in the case of any event of accidents or criminal activity.

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