Free Car Specification Check by Registration Number

Do you know you might get a fine for driving a high CO2 emission vehicle? Yes, you heard it right! After the UK government introduces the ULEZ (Ultra-low emission zone), you will get a fine for driving a high-emission vehicle. Therefore, running a car spec check before buying a vehicle has become vital. It reveals Information about CO2 emissions and much more, which will help you take a witty buying decision. Like myself, if you are wondering what specs in my car must be checked, here is a detailed article about it.

free car specification

What is a Car Spec Check?

The car spec by reg number is a free tool that reveals specific vehicle details to help you buy a used car. It is crucial and tells you details to help you determine whether the car suits your requirements or not.

For instance, when you are buying a used car, knowing its running cost per annum lets you decide whether you can afford its fuel or not. Plus, it will tell you the vehicle’s CO2 emission, which will help you determine whether car emission complies with the ULEZ or not.

The UK government has launched a regulatory authority (ULEZ) to control the vehicle’s emissions. A vehicle with high CO2 emissions will face a specific fine. Therefore, you should run a car spec check on cars before proceeding with the sale.

Is it possible to check the car’s specifications by registration number for free?

Car Spec Check service is available on many online platforms. One of them is a Free car check online, which allows you to see your car’s specifications by simply entering its registration number. When you enter your vehicle’s registration number, you will obtain this free report. Our car spec details include basic information and mileage history, allowing for a stress-free purchase.

For example, financial and environmental information reveals fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. You may proceed with the purchase if you are satisfied with the vehicle’s fuel economy figure. Similarly, we recommend purchasing a car only if its CO2 emissions are acceptable. We obtained this information from the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency).

What Information will be Included in FREE Car Spec Data?

An authentic car spec check website will source the vehicle’s information from DVLA, DVSA, VCA, etc. Therefore, you should not doubt their provided details. Here is the information you get in a car spec check:

  • Imported or exported
  • Scrapped or unscraped
  • Colour and plate changes
  • V5C issue date
  • Current and previous MOT test statuses
  • Advisory and failure notes
  • Mileage recorded at the last MOT test
  • CO2 emissions data
  • Tax, insurance, and SORN status
  • Fuel type
  • Vehicle registration date

You get all the above-mentioned information in a free car spec check. It will help you make an informed decision when buying a used vehicle. You can get the same information from the DVLA, too. However, their procedure is complex and time-consuming compared to online car spec check platforms.

What is a GCC Spec Car?

The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) spec means that the car has unique specifications suited for a Gulf state. Such cars have additional specs per the Gulf state’s weather, environment, and driving conditions. Additional specs mean that the car may have a different powertrain, filtration, rust protection, AC, and radiator compared to the common UK car. The Gulf has extreme temperatures, a sandy and dusty environment, and rough terrains.

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Can I Get my Car Spec from the Number Plate?

Yes, you will find several online platforms that can check your car spec by using its registration number. It’s free and provides valuable information about the vehicle to help you buy like a professional. The only thing you should be careful about is platform authenticity. You should confirm the vehicle details by checking on two or three online platforms. If you are inexperienced and aren’t aware of the authentic car spec check platforms, we suggest the Road Tax Check spec check service. It is 100% genuine and provides vehicle information sourced directly from the DVLA, VCA, and DVSA databases.


A car spec check is crucial when you are purchasing a used car. It reveals hidden faults and information that is impossible to guess by the car’s outer look. All you need is a little bit of research of finding an authentic vehicle spec check platform, and that’s it. It will only take your car’s registration number and voila! You will see the car’s complete details for free. Plus, after the government entity ULEZ, checking the car’s CO2 emission has become vital as the high-emission car may get you in trouble.

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