Why do UK people prefer Japanese used cars?

Japanese used cars in the UK are more admired by the people living there than European manufactured vehicles. There can be numerous reasons behind it. But indeed, European cars are some of the safest vehicles on the road. It was said by consumers to report that European cars have the best handling.

Still, the UK citizenry has enthusiasm for Japanese used cars. Japanese brands include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, and Honda. According to the survey of What Car? and Warranty Direct, it is said that Toyota and Nissan are the top reliable vehicles in the UK.On the other hand, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are some of the best European automobile brands on the road. It is based on the handling and performance of the vehicles.

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“Japanese carmakers do deliver on reliability, and Honda is exceptionally good at this,” said Mr. Hallett.

So, here’s the question why does UK people prefer Japanese used cars? European giants like Audi, BMW, etc. are also available.

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Reliability of the Vehicles

European vehicles are often the more acceleration, performance, handling, and steering. But they couldn’t compete Japanese used cars UK reliability. Japanese auto giants like Honda and Toyota are producing some of the most reliable vehicles in the UK,also mentioned above. Moreover, Japanese brands like Nissan, Isuzu, and Mazda also step behind Toyota and Honda in terms of reliability.

In addition, if you require a fast with better handling car, you should go with a European vehicle, but if you prefer reliability, then Japanese used carsin the UK are the best option.

Affordable Cars

Most people around the world prefer Japanese used cars because of their reliability. This is the reason; you should contemplate. The UK and people from Asia, the USA, and Africa prefer Japanese used cars because they are much cheaper than European and American cars. The average Japanese car cost around 600k to 1 million Japanese YEN.

Also, there is no import tax in Japan. So, if you are tight on a budget but want something extraordinary, Japanese used cars in the UK should be your top choice!


Japanese used cars are well-maintained vehicles. Furthermore, they are quality-wise perfect and durable, too. The reason behind it is that Japanese car- before getting exported to any other country, passes through an inspection test, which is well known around Japan- the Shaken inspection test.

Moreover, the car also passes several inspection tests in the UK. If the buyer wants to register the vehicle, the car must pass the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test. There is also a DVSA scheme, mainly for JDM vehicles and non-European brands. The inspection is a good policy to get more secure roads.

Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

As we mentioned above, Japanese cars are durable and fuel-efficient automobiles. According to Statista, the average fuel efficiency of Japanese cars was 22.5 kilometers per liter in the fiscal year of 2019. Moreover, Japan also has better hybrid vehicles than any brand globally.

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