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How does our free car check tool work?

We help over one million buyers, by offering the most comprehensive free car data that are available in the market.

Our free car history includes:

  • free-car-check MOT status and MOT due date
  • check Vehicle tax status
  • check Vehicles age and first registration date
  • check Odometer reading (mileage) during recent MOT test
  • check Basic details of vehicle such as make, fuel type, model, no. of doors, vehicle color, no. of gears and engine size, no. of seats
  • check Total estimated vehicle running cost per annum ( based on tax rate, fuel cost, and MOT rate)
  • check Data of vehicle performance ( such as: top speed, power RPM, power KW and torque)
  • check Economic and environmental details of vehicle (fuel consumption and CO2 emission rates)
  • check MOT history of the vehicle including advisory and failure notice

By our free car check you can make sure whether the details you have matches the information the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) holds about the vehicle.

You can check any vehicle registered in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is the big deal about car history check?

You can’t expect every unknown individual to be trustworthy, that too in the used car market, certainly not. Buying a used motor might leave you in a conundrum state without a vehicle history check report in the Great Britain.

What does car analytics full car history report cover?

For short listing your next car our free car check is great, but if you are close to buying a car then we strongly recommend you to upgrade to full vehicle history check.

Our full car history check reveals all key information instantly and helps you in making an informed decision.

Cars That Are Not Needed to be TAXED

Vehicles that are issued with Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) need not to be taxed. Vehicles that are 40 years old or registered on or before 1st January 1975 are excempted from VED since 1st April 2015.Other excempted vehicles include electrically propelled automobiles, service vehicles, vehicles for disabled are also exempted.

Important car data check

With vehicle owner check, check the number of previous owners. History of number plate change. Color change history. Check if the vehicle is scrapped. Check VIN ( Vehicle identification number). Engine number recorded by DVLA. Check 8 price band vehicle valuation (dealer forecourt, trade retail, private clean, private average, part exchange auction, trade poor and trade average). Check for inconsistency with premium mileage history source.

Critical Car Data Check

  • check Check whether the car has any outstanding finance
  • check Check whether the car has been in an accident
  • check Check whether the car has a stolen report in police nation computer
  • check Check whether there is any inconsistency with the mileage reading with help of premium mileage history
  • check Check whether the car is flagged as high risk vehicle (often related to finance and owner ship disputes)

Frequently Asked Questions

When you buy a used vehicle, you must ensure that it doesn’t have any hidden history or primary issues. With the free car check, you can easily and quickly find out basic details about the car like previous owners, tax, MOT history and a few more by entering the number plate.

There is no such thing called a free HPI check, but you can get an alternative to a free HPI check. You can get a free car check, but note that it will not include every check, which is essential to making a wise decision while purchasing used vehicles. You can only verify the car’s basic details, and if you need more information, you must try premium checks available on the website.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to check the category for free. You must carry out a full car history check report to know whether the vehicle has written off history.

In the free car check, you can get ten fields of data. It includes MOT status, MOT due, MOT advisory, tax, vehicle age, mileage, import/export, mileage issues and V5C count. This report also contains other details like running costs, performance and environmental & economic data.

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